America Is Drowning

Rebel against tyrannical leaders
Beat the drums of Justice
As the POTUS ignores the bleeders
The world is with us

Exile the child King
The world does shout
Let Equal Rights Reign Ring
Wash away the doubt

Being Black is not a crime
Being Native is not savage
Being LGBTQ is not a sin
Racism wastes time
Racism equates to life ravage
Bigotry is Lucy’s Evil Twin

Yet Evil Sits here
Evil Feeds on all
People continue to fall
We fall under tyrannical fear

Keep pounding
Keep breathing
People Seething
As America is drowning

©2020 By M. Robbins

The Unknown

Tragedy has struck the people
it looks as though Hell has a sequel
As satan chimes in he has no equal
The reigning of evil so lethal

Bells are tolling in surround sound
Nothing has been gained yet everything found
Both parties continue to go around
Eventually someone will go down

Like highlander there can only be one
Clouds are darker and thick
As he screams four more years and I’m sick
we want the nightmare over and done

This is the reality of hell
America is not free it’s just a shell
This is one of few I can’t condone
Seeing as our future is the unknown

©2020 By Mary Robbins


living in constant panic
living in constant fear
Always fighting off the manic
Always hiding the tear

living day to day on pills to control emotion
This is permanently a cripple life
My head floods in waves like the ocean
Yet I rather play chess with greiff.

Sanity keeps slipping away
Feels like nothing will sway
My tears turn against me
Stinging like the salty red sea

Today is not my day
I can’t keep the PTSD at bay
My name is depression and anxiety
Thus my body has become a snack variety

Will I be up or will I be down
All it takes is a startling sound
Just take me to be sterilized
yet Here I am paralyzed

©2020 By Mary Robbins

Insomnias Slave

Eyes open as I lay here
Only in the darkness I stare
My mind streaming at a strange pace
Thoughts in a fast race

Caught in this vicious loop
Thoughts scattering as chickens in a coop
I want to scream yet I do not want to wake others
Here I am out from the covers

Into the other room to think,
Jotting down plans with permanent ink
Waiting for my evil mind to shut down
I don’t want the burden of this heavy gown

Let’s go sandman give me the dust
Before my body starts to rust
I feel as if I have one foot in the grave
All because I’m insomnias slave

© 2020 By Mary Robbins



I don’t care who you’re married too
I don’t care how you live your life
You’re a grown woman that pushed away her crew
All with the fucked influence of your wife

No one attacked you or her
Everyone tried to help
Everyone warned that she is sinister
Yet you set up the blow everyone felt

Alienated your family and friends
Invalidated the Struggles of people
We all concur you can’t make amends
You’ve become the evil

You said you don’t want to become this
Yet here we are with a twist
Now everyone is seriously pissed
Ignorance is your bliss

Karma came calling
There you are with her falling
I can just imagine you begging while you crawl
No forgiveness just building that wall

You had your chance
Yet we are taking a stance
Because you caused so much trauma
We’re tired of the DRAMA

©2020 By Mary Robbins

Where I may slumber

Now I lay me down to sleep
Where I see demons creep
Fighting hard to have a soul to keep
Torn asunder my life in blood seeps

Depression my old friend
The Demon that brings my end
The thing that plays mind games
The thing that tortures with emotional pains

I am miseries puppet show
All of the chaos through me it will flow
Darkness will consume from below
Negative thoughts only make it grow

I have nothing left
I am broken
Without breath
No word was spoken

The ground shakes with the passing thunder
The ground splits and hell revealed
Down on knees I appealed
Yet that’s where I may slumber

©2020 By Mary Robbins

Image Credit: Pinterest

We have all been bound

Lights go dim as eyes close shut
The body lies paralyzed and stuck
feelings of drowning grow
This last candle out with a blow

Nothing is the same
People treat life as a game
Hurting innocents until they scream
Everyone begging for this to be a dream

Reality has fell
This is humanity’s hell
The bell has toll
Don’t follow the fol

We need a leader
Instead we get humanity’s bleeder
Planting seeds of destruction
With his lawless obstruction

Liar in chief
A common thief
Sadly people are blind
Gullible of mind

Still we drown
The truth-tellers are down
They speak with no sound
We have all been bound.

© 2020 By Mary Robbins

Swept away

Withering away in pain
Say it now say it loud
See it don’t let the day wane
The roar of the crowd is your shroud

All the hardships faced
All the emotions erased
100-yard stare without a kill
Death is just tacking to the bill

You owe him and he will reap
All possession you can’t keep
Your ego fed now to percolate
Now fans do speculate

Did you take your life
Or was it a betrayal
The weapon was a butcher knife
The wound upon your neck fatal

Fame dies when you top
nowhere to go except down
No more bubbly to pop
You dawn on the broken crown

You have no more sway
Death has swept away

© 2020 by Mary Robbins

Climate Madness

Clouds Roll in without snow,
Jack frost on a hiatus
Or maybe he just hates us
Oh, how times have become low.

That is a hoax this is a hoax everything is a hoax!
Says the old bloke in the Oval Office in the House of White
yet the weatherman says heavy raincoats
the old man is societies blight

It feels like spring and fall instead of Winter
In my state, it has been 57 degrees when it should be 32 or below
the old man has become a pestilent splinter
Climate Change use to mean something to all ages ago

People and country are divided
As everything and one shift into sadness
This is absolute we should be united
Instead, we have Climate Madness

© 2020 By Mary Robbins



Birds of a feather Flocking together
Through good and bad weather
Loyal is the reds the blues and yellows
Deep in the trees you can hear the fellows

Singing daily with the rising sun
Even though some people shun
Crazy as it sounds
For them I would do leaps and bounds

Birds the rare singing delight
Come in varieties it’s a marvelous sight
Even with the hint of snow
Still they put on the show

The dewdrops glitter
Critters start to skitter
While the old one becomes bitter
As he can no longer jitter

The young reds begin the dance
lovestruck like a story in France
If they miss a beat there’s no second chance

Yet here it comes The hinter
With a chilling wind gust
Clouds about to bust
The snowstorm of winter

© 2020 By Mary Robbins