Melting Hot

Here it hits with global warming
While scientists kept on warning
The world keeps on turning
Yet a breeze we keep yearning

Never-ending sunlit blaze
All while people are in a heated daze
Mueller Meetings held in the important house
While POTUS continues to act like a louse

Still, it goes on like the never-ending story
And people have been known to worry
Yet still, the Earth seems like it’s on fire
As it tries to reset before the big retire

Here I think why people are not living in fear
It’s a bit unfathomably queer
The heat beating down on you
Take the time to get a clue

We are in a stew pot
And yes climate change is real
Can you not feel the unusual weather
As all skin is turning into leather
Call upon nature to make a deal
Because It’s seriously melting hot

©2019 By Mary Robbins


Let the dolphins free

Can you see the dolphins play
Can you hear the dolphins speak
See them swim in the sunray
Watch them jump to the highest wave peak

Wild and free in the ocean deep
Playing hide and seek
Flying fast in the water with grace
It’s almost like watching stars in space

In the ocean is where they belong
To sing their own shanty song
People should observe from a distance
Keep it sacred and not tainted
We all need to learn coexistence
To be responsible and acquainted.

Future Generations need to see the wonder
Because a book will not do Justice with a picture
As people rip everything asunder
Animal laws should be stricter

Let the dolphins be
Let the Dolphins Free

©2019 By M. Robbins


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Roads less travelled often bring new adventure.
We often overlook the beauty in nature, for the modernization of Man made possession. Look what we’re missing.

Photos are not mine I just find them inspiring. If they’re your work please message me so I may link to your site.

Snow Spell

Image result for Snow Spell

Watching the snow fall
Like little fairies dancing
And little deer prancing
Snow’s a natural call

Hoof prints in the powder white
Tracking them to an open field
Seeing the critters is a delight
Snow is like a shield

I could go sledding
I could go skating
I have to leave this is what I am dreading
Oh how my heart is aching

Leaving the field of white
Holding on to memories tight
As I step back into this land
All rainy and mucky standing hand in hand

Memory of Snow
And how the wind would blow
Secrets that I will never tell
Always thankful for my Snow Spell

Copyright © 2007 -2016 by Mary Robbins