Birds of a feather Flocking together
Through good and bad weather
Loyal is the reds the blues and yellows
Deep in the trees you can hear the fellows

Singing daily with the rising sun
Even though some people shun
Crazy as it sounds
For them I would do leaps and bounds

Birds the rare singing delight
Come in varieties it’s a marvelous sight
Even with the hint of snow
Still they put on the show

The dewdrops glitter
Critters start to skitter
While the old one becomes bitter
As he can no longer jitter

The young reds begin the dance
lovestruck like a story in France
If they miss a beat there’s no second chance

Yet here it comes The hinter
With a chilling wind gust
Clouds about to bust
The snowstorm of winter

© 2020 By Mary Robbins

Petition To End Declawing

Everyone knows I have a soft spot for animal kind. And I truly do not believe in declawing cats. I have teamed up with my friends at Guardian of Animals, to combine our knowledge of the dangers of declawing cats. To create a well thought out petition to plead for the outlawing of this practice.


The Medical drawbacks to declawing include pain in the paw, infection, tissue necrosis (tissue death), lameness, and back pain. Removing claws changes the way a cat’s foot meets the ground and can cause pain similar to wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes.

If you are an animal person as much as us. Please sign and share. Hopefully, Pennsylvania will become the next state to outlaw this barbarity.

Let the dolphins free

Can you see the dolphins play
Can you hear the dolphins speak
See them swim in the sunray
Watch them jump to the highest wave peak

Wild and free in the ocean deep
Playing hide and seek
Flying fast in the water with grace
It’s almost like watching stars in space

In the ocean is where they belong
To sing their own shanty song
People should observe from a distance
Keep it sacred and not tainted
We all need to learn coexistence
To be responsible and acquainted.

Future Generations need to see the wonder
Because a book will not do Justice with a picture
As people rip everything asunder
Animal laws should be stricter

Let the dolphins be
Let the Dolphins Free

©2019 By M. Robbins

Save The New Yashima Aquarium Animals

Usually, I use this blog for my poetry and other artistic hobbies. However, a friend came to me the other day with an issue, pertaining to the abuse that Dolphins of the Yashima Aquarium are going through. Since I am on sabbatical from advocating fully, I have decided to help and share a petition here. I know many of my poetical followers are also animal people.

Therefore, I kindly ask for you to sign and share this important petition.

New Yashima Aquarium Shut Down

These Dolphins are being mistreated, kept in small tanks and even smaller performance pools. They are having trainers dressed in Power Ranger costumes riding on them.

Not only this, there are also Dolphins who seem to be mentally damaged and have been smashing their head into the tank glass. That evidence is on the petition. I love Dolphins, and I believe they should be free to roam the oceans. I will be having a friend deliver this petition to Abe Shinzo the Prime Minister and to the aquarium when there are enough signatures to turn in.

I thank you all for helping out with this urgent issue.