The Unknown

Tragedy has struck the people
it looks as though Hell has a sequel
As satan chimes in he has no equal
The reigning of evil so lethal

Bells are tolling in surround sound
Nothing has been gained yet everything found
Both parties continue to go around
Eventually someone will go down

Like highlander there can only be one
Clouds are darker and thick
As he screams four more years and I’m sick
we want the nightmare over and done

This is the reality of hell
America is not free it’s just a shell
This is one of few I can’t condone
Seeing as our future is the unknown

©2020 By Mary Robbins

When Does It End

Chaotic spiral out of control in frontal view
Lies and alternative facts he continues to spew
This nation built upon lies and war
Everything is tainted and rotten to the core

There’s no cure or hope for humanity
Sticks and Stones plus words break sanity
Doesn’t matter the political party when all is a calamity.
Whilst you scream for God with your fake Christianity.

Lords name taken times ten in vain
Repeating the history of Able and Cain
All humans do is leave a blood stain
All I can do is shake my head in shame

As I watch the world break and bend
As I wonder how people can pretend
Watching greedy people collect and spend
All I want to know is when will it end.

© 2019 By M. Robbins
Photo Credit – Daveed Benito

Twisted Cruelty

Rumors spread like wildfire
Fools believe without enquiring
Victims cease to defend
All that’s left is to break and bend
Nothing now except a Victims Silence
Victims are now in compliance

Drowning without water present
Emotional baggage continues to descent
Blackened Soul of depression
Constant are you okay question
Staring off blankly into the abyss
All while they became pissed

Depression has set in
Veins run thin
Blood pools on the floor
They are rotten to the core
Cyberbullies take another life
They didn’t care if it was a mother or Wife

Screaming Screw the Masses
As they act like asses
As they Screw the Victims of hurtful rumors
With Their following becoming tumors
All while they act like Royalty
With their pens twisted cruelty.

©2019 By M. Robbins

Suicide Bomb

Thrown under the bus times ten
Like groundhogs day it begins again
The past resurrects in front of me
I scream let me be free

tick tick tick

Harassed by sheeple
These are not ordinary people
How my heart hurts yet nothing is equal
Especially when we are past the sequel

tick tick tick

Every day is a nightmare
No more can I bare
No windows, just wall as I stare
I know what to do it’s clear

tick tick tick

All I desire is silence from hecklers
Yet still, they send their beckoners
The appeal of the knife
The appeal of ending this life

tick tick tick

He tells me to ignore and stay calm
He doesn’t understand I’m a Suicide Bomb 💣

© 2019 By M. Robbins



Like a robot I have no emotions
Many days I go with the motions
Yet something is lacking
My mind seems to be cracking
Weak and leary I have no backing
heartbeats you are no longer tracking

What has become of thee
That I can no longer see
No longer am I free
Cursed for all eternity
who am I with no identity
I have no warmth or amenity

Crushed is thy heart of homogeneity
Change has come with this oddity
My world filled with the darkness of late
Things at random and can’t contemplate
Madness swirling and lustful hate
Oh consciousness you took the bait

Here I will in the darkness stay
Waiting for that light of day
Even if I should fade away
Whilst demons have their place and play

My Soul comes with a cost
And thy veins will be frost
Eyes Have been exhaust
Myself entirely is lost

©2019 by M. Robbins


Society’s Plight Kills the weak of heart
It leaves people strewn and torn apart.
Bit by bit both sides pull the string
That makes the ominous one sing.

Each passing day turned into 3 years
full of tears and fears
Yet mostly full of radicals racist cheers.
One more year of torture and pain
then it is the voting game.

Seems to me we’re better off with naught
Since each side can be bought
here’s a lesson that can be taught
The truth should always be sought.

Media has a dirty role
sometimes they contaminate the poll
Media also likes to play the troll
Even when they rip the toll

Yet this year might be a treasure
Even though we’re all under pressure.

©2019 by M. Robbins

Living Dead Girl

Photo by Justin Gedak
Photo by Justin Gedak

Sleep is nothing more then a far off dream
So here I lay resting or so it would seem
As ashes fall from heavens face
I realize now that I’m in a 6×6 space

A daily reminder of the four walls
A daily reminder of those harassing calls
A daily reminder of how I’m trapped
A daily reminder of how people don’t see I’m handicapped

Life was never fair
Yet it use to be easy to bare
Once upon a time ago I use to care
Now all I do is mumble and stare
Once again into the dark
Once again to unleash the maddening lark

No room for compromise
Because in truth you speak lies
I no longer need fear
Nor do I shed that tear

You no longer rule this world
Go head let your lip curl
No surprise I became the living dead girl

© 2018 by M. Robbins

Dark Side Of Me

Photo By P. Crawford 

Shadows amongst thy hallow room
Eyes searching for the deathly groom
In the corner, the widow uses her wicked loom
In betwixt the weaving and sewing, a skeleton does bloom

Remember child the cloak is red
soaked in blood she must be dead
eyes open with the colour of white
My chest becomes painful and tight

Remember child this is destiny and your legacy
Living under tyranny and supremacy
I can’t fathom this future of torture
Waves of tears pouring filling the ground with moisture

There I appear in my safe zone
While the wolf knaws on a bone
Darken twisted trees is all I can see
Realize Child, This is the dark side of me

©2018 By M. Robbins

Silence – 2016

© 2016 By Mary Robbins

Mouth closed and eyes open
Here I sit hoping
Life will change to a different page
I’m old for my age

Rumours Killed Me
No one knows my pain
No one can see
Commence the rain

One mistake left me bleeding
While trolls kept feeding
People believe what they keep reading
Everything trolls spew is misleading

Here I sit contemplating
Here I sit waiting
never a word never stating
While everyone continues hating

I have no alliance
I sit here in defiance
I will not be compliant
I will sit here in Silence