Filled With Hate

Filled With Hate

Chaotic days ahead,
Speaking your last daily bread.
As you sing that song,
While token the bong.
Pass the dutchie to the left,
All while closing your eyes and holding breath.
Breathing and opening eyes after counting to eight,
The world is still filled with hate.

© 2019 By Mary Robbins

Clouds Of Grey

Society of Chaos and Plight
People Of Militia Ready To Fight
While others rather take Flight
This year seems to be out of sight

Civil War in the near horizon
As the POTUS sets the poison
He Rallies the supremacists
Not realizing they’re self-destructed catalysts

The real Americans shall not be defeated
And his wall will not be completed
He will try to become deep-seated
Yet his allies are depleted

We must persevere in the dark hour
No matter the height of his tower
We the people can not cower
Let them chant 4 more years we can counter

He goes down in history as a traitor
While bubba becomes his neighbor
Behind those bars of steel and slate
He knows it’s too late

Winds of change and fate sets
A reminder for them to limit bets
As the new dawn sets on this day
Under the smoking clouds of Grey

©2019 by Mary Robbins

Melting Hot

Here it hits with global warming
While scientists kept on warning
The world keeps on turning
Yet a breeze we keep yearning

Never-ending sunlit blaze
All while people are in a heated daze
Mueller Meetings held in the important house
While POTUS continues to act like a louse

Still, it goes on like the never-ending story
And people have been known to worry
Yet still, the Earth seems like it’s on fire
As it tries to reset before the big retire

Here I think why people are not living in fear
It’s a bit unfathomably queer
The heat beating down on you
Take the time to get a clue

We are in a stew pot
And yes climate change is real
Can you not feel the unusual weather
As all skin is turning into leather
Call upon nature to make a deal
Because It’s seriously melting hot

©2019 By Mary Robbins

When Does It End

Chaotic spiral out of control in frontal view
Lies and alternative facts he continues to spew
This nation built upon lies and war
Everything is tainted and rotten to the core

There’s no cure or hope for humanity
Sticks and Stones plus words break sanity
Doesn’t matter the political party when all is a calamity.
Whilst you scream for God with your fake Christianity.

Lords name taken times ten in vain
Repeating the history of Able and Cain
All humans do is leave a blood stain
All I can do is shake my head in shame

As I watch the world break and bend
As I wonder how people can pretend
Watching greedy people collect and spend
All I want to know is when will it end.

© 2019 By M. Robbins
Photo Credit – Daveed Benito

Let the dolphins free

Can you see the dolphins play
Can you hear the dolphins speak
See them swim in the sunray
Watch them jump to the highest wave peak

Wild and free in the ocean deep
Playing hide and seek
Flying fast in the water with grace
It’s almost like watching stars in space

In the ocean is where they belong
To sing their own shanty song
People should observe from a distance
Keep it sacred and not tainted
We all need to learn coexistence
To be responsible and acquainted.

Future Generations need to see the wonder
Because a book will not do Justice with a picture
As people rip everything asunder
Animal laws should be stricter

Let the dolphins be
Let the Dolphins Free

©2019 By M. Robbins

Stride With Pride

All people of the world come together
No matter the race creed or belief
Through sun or dark and all weather
This month we celebrate with relief

Equality for all and beyond
With signs of bright neon
With Flags waving high
Waves of multiple colors to ride

We fought tooth and nail to get here
It was everyones fight to bare
Being who we are is our right
Let your colors shine bright

All the tears we cried
All the abuse endured
The bill passed and hatred Almost cured
Keep strong and Stride with PRIDE 🌈🏳️‍🌈

©2019 By M.Robbins

Twisted Cruelty

Rumors spread like wildfire
Fools believe without enquiring
Victims cease to defend
All that’s left is to break and bend
Nothing now except a Victims Silence
Victims are now in compliance

Drowning without water present
Emotional baggage continues to descent
Blackened Soul of depression
Constant are you okay question
Staring off blankly into the abyss
All while they became pissed

Depression has set in
Veins run thin
Blood pools on the floor
They are rotten to the core
Cyberbullies take another life
They didn’t care if it was a mother or Wife

Screaming Screw the Masses
As they act like asses
As they Screw the Victims of hurtful rumors
With Their following becoming tumors
All while they act like Royalty
With their pens twisted cruelty.

©2019 By M. Robbins

Suicide Bomb

Thrown under the bus times ten
Like groundhogs day it begins again
The past resurrects in front of me
I scream let me be free

tick tick tick

Harassed by sheeple
These are not ordinary people
How my heart hurts yet nothing is equal
Especially when we are past the sequel

tick tick tick

Every day is a nightmare
No more can I bare
No windows, just wall as I stare
I know what to do it’s clear

tick tick tick

All I desire is silence from hecklers
Yet still, they send their beckoners
The appeal of the knife
The appeal of ending this life

tick tick tick

He tells me to ignore and stay calm
He doesn’t understand I’m a Suicide Bomb 💣

© 2019 By M. Robbins

This Easter

This Easter

Easter 🐰 morning once again
Yet this day is a gem
For we go around the bend
To have a treat that will mend

For here we sit among birds that sing
In this mirror of a family ring
Having fun with toys that ding
Just for the day he’s made King

For he was born on an Easter Sunday 🐇
The Dawn of a new era we pray
For everything to be okay
Blessings to all I say

Even if it is just once a year
The memory isn’t made of fear
you’ll find no saddened tear
No matter how long you stare

Bunnies and a Chick
With a squeak cheep and a click
Today is a happy one
Even the good days gets done
it was all in good fun

On the road home
With fingers of foam
And blue cotton candy 🍭
This Easter was surely dandy

© 2019 By M. Robbins

Toddler Days

Toddler Days

I stare upon blue eyes
As I try to comfort the cries
Scared of the dark and shadows
Even though the nightlight glows

He came up on two years
Still he will go through phase fears
Every day he shows he cares
He may babble yet still we do cheers

I don’t do babysitters
I’m not a quitter
Mommy knows best
Even without rest

He’s my soul and heart
I couldn’t bear to part
All the while he acts wild
he is still my child 👶

Nothing beats a mother and son team
Even when he may seem to scream
A mothers love is unconditional
Even in the sense of Traditional

All the ways we play
Time slipping away
I have been called a coddler of rays
And I say to you – only for the Toddler Days

© 2019 By M. Robbins