Save The New Yashima Aquarium Animals

Usually, I use this blog for my poetry and other artistic hobbies. However, a friend came to me the other day with an issue, pertaining to the abuse that Dolphins of the Yashima Aquarium are going through. Since I am on sabbatical from advocating fully, I have decided to help and share a petition here. I know many of my poetical followers are also animal people.

Therefore, I kindly ask for you to sign and share this important petition.

New Yashima Aquarium Shut Down

These Dolphins are being mistreated, kept in small tanks and even smaller performance pools. They are having trainers dressed in Power Ranger costumes riding on them.

Not only this, there are also Dolphins who seem to be mentally damaged and have been smashing their head into the tank glass. That evidence is on the petition. I love Dolphins, and I believe they should be free to roam the oceans. I will be having a friend deliver this petition to Abe Shinzo the Prime Minister and to the aquarium when there are enough signatures to turn in.

I thank you all for helping out with this urgent issue.

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