Definition Of Poetry

Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language—such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism, and metre—to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning.

To me personally, if you dream poetry and wake up in the morning writing poetry, you’re a poet. Do the words in the poetry have to rhyme? No, not all the time. Poetry is another form of expressive writing. Poetry has the ability to tell stories or forms songs- once known as “floetry” and no not the R&B duo. Floetry where it would just flow out as a rap or verse.

If someone gives you negative criticism, take it with a grain of salt – because each poet has a different style, and above all, we can’t please everyone.

So do you, be yourself. Don’t let others dictate what you should or should not write.


Manipulation with your silver tongue
Thinking you’ve finally won
Only to find you awoken the wasps and got stung
The bell has been rung

Keep repeating alt-facts thinking this will make it true
You’ve lost all respect and now you’re through
You’ve lost it all even your crew
You don’t phase me get a clue

I sit here and present facts
While you put on acts
The rumors are your tacts
I see through the cracks

Word of the wise
I don’t care if you despise
It’s not a surprise
And you can keep your Spies
I’ll just keep Debunking your lies

©2021 By Mary Robbins


Fighting The Depression
As if I were giving a Confession
My Brain isn’t learning the Lesson
With a 24/7 Video Therapy Session

Everything is on Repeat
Eyes burning with this heat
I’m in Hells Delux Suite
In this round, I think I am beat

This month is not nice
Triggers in a row Twice
I’m not lucky with the dice
My mind has been sliced

Out on the limb
As the lights go dim
Fighting 24 without a win
Fighting to protect my kin

Sleepless nights
I know my rights
Yet constant mind fights
everything is out of my sights

This demon likes to antagonize
My soul and body is its prize
I’m alone and he doesn’t realize
This visit though was a surprise

This is my limit
I want to pivot
And skip it

This is a tragedy
horror of calamity
Just living in Agony

©2021 By M. Robbins

Fan Art

Been busy with Fan Fic Art. My Better half challenged me to do some Final Fantasy 7 Characters.

Cloud, RedXIII with Cait Sith.

I had fun doing them, I love Final Fantasy 7. Old and New.

Off to the next adventure 🙂


I’m Trapped in my mind
As explosions become louder
And the media does streamline
He had chemicals and powder

Confined to the basement
As it sounds like a warzone
and the house is vibrating
my body in displacement
while fire is emanating

Terror lasted two hours
As my PTSD devours
Everyone is traumatized
Stay inside police advised

Hearting is pumping
Head is thumping
Anxiety takes my breath
Is this my death

I was here
While you were there
Saying it’s not a big deal
Are you for real!

Wild Emotions
Loud Commotions
Blank Stare
Fear and confusions being aware
With horrible Explosions

June 10th – Montco PA
©2021 By M. Robbins


That saying of Love is a Battlefield
The person was wise beyond years
Love makes people face those fears
While making the heart yield

Sealing love with a kiss
As if life depended on it
The relationship can be hell or bliss
Staying connected with each other though takes wit

Words always fall short
thus we’re left with an emotional fort
And sometimes even court
Where you just want to take a trip to the port

Love is a mess
Love is Complicated
Love comes with modesty and full of express
And excitement is elated

Yet sometimes family can dictate
Family can destroy intimacy
Making everything look like a conspiracy
Even making people debate

Is this love true
Or is this love through
Words can hurt and reveal
As Family can seal the unwanted deal

One may be broken
While the other is bound and choking
Action is the only truth spoken
While the heart keeps hoping

One may have fallen in love
Yet the other kept getting the big shove
One is torn asunder and not healed
The Other Still Fights on the Battlefield

©2021 By M. Robbins


Car From Hell

This car has an issue that can’t be fixed
My feelings have been mixed
Transmission kicks and is very betwixt
It’s in a position stuck and affixed

Transmission is Old and Going
Engine light on and showing
Signs of EVAP issue growing
Soon this car will need towing

Fix one problem and another comes
Bang the tires and the oil drums
Money spent and it was large sums
Crazy ahead there are no more funds

Ringing the bell
I know what the mechanic will tell
Don’t need to create the bill or even spell
This is a Car from Hell

©2021 by M. Robbins


The days become longer and hot
The heat makes things hard to spot
Tourists fill up the beach parking lot
Music lovers layout the cot
As writers take their shot

Inspiration is all around
With animals making their musical sound
Deers leaping in abound
Where magic can be found
A new legend is crowned

Pandemic mandates semi lift
Peoples focus has shift
Where we can go shopping at a thrift
Be careful of the dream or it will take you adrift
Watch where you walk there’s a rift

Welcome the newcomer
We needed this drummer
As the band plays on in the mummer
The exciting times of the Summer

©2021 By M. Robbins


Writing down my woes
Writing down my prose
Writing everything I need to close
Watching out the window as the raven crows

Ignoring the negativity from my foes
Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression are not what I chose
Right now everything blows
As I’m hitting those days of lows

Heart beating fast and heavy
Here I am waiting for the levy
Everything becoming wavy
As I head down to the davy

Might be acting crazy
At least it’s not lazy
Yet everything becomes hazy
Might as well call Dick Tracy
Lost myself in the Documentary of Buthelezi

Everything is worse 
Feeling like everything is a curse
Where it comes to the hurse
The threat of the Plight of Society
Amplifies my Anxiety

©2021 By M. Robbins


Staring at a blank page
Waiting for the performers on stage
Contemplating if it’s worth my rage
Starting to light the sage

Trying to keep calm
As the muse left my palm
Watching her apply lip balm
As she recites that psalm

Life just isn’t the same
I feel like I went insane
When everyone has treated suffering like the hunger game
Yet who do we blame

If I could speak without being silenced by tyranny
I would tell all without the irony
How life should work without the felony
If things worked we’d live in harmony

Yet I consider silencing a blessing
Stops the masses from their moronic session
Gives the minds time for resting
Relaxed and we can start testing
Without cops doing their arresting

World in Chaos Mode
With ignorance further to erode
As singers of this age start sounding like a toad
None of this is showed
Wither Time none of it flowed

Wishing for Amity
As everything has turned to Calamity

©2021 By Mary Robbins